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‘Pretty-much everything on Gab’: Leaks publisher offers private data of ‘alt-tech Twitter’ users to researchers of ‘neo-Nazis’

A 70-gigabyte trove of data dubbed “Gableaks” includes public posts on the platform, but also “private posts, user profiles, hashed passwords for users, DMs, and plaintext passwords for groups,”according to an entity called DDoSecrets. The information was allegedly stolen by a third party and leaked to the group, which operates …

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‘Undermining faith in NATO’ is now grounds for Twitter ban, because certain kinds of politics have become a religion

Twitter announced bans on 373 accounts it connected to “state-linked information operations” on Tuesday. Some of them, the company said, “amplified narratives that were aligned with the Russian government” or “focused on undermining faith in the NATO alliance and its stability.” Twitter is a US-based company, and the First Amendment …

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In fresh censorship, Twitter bans ‘Russian’ accounts it says are ‘undermining confidence in NATO’ amid rising tensions with Moscow

On Tuesday, Russian media reported that the San Francisco-based microblogging platform had confirmed at least 100 of the bans were of accounts supposedly connected with Russia. According to a company spokesperson, “some of these accounts disseminated messages that were associated with the Russian government, while the rest of the network …

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Twitter’s discrediting of leaked docs that show UK’s covert activities against Russia is a shocking case of media manipulation

Earlier this week, journalist Max Blumenthal published a series of leaked documents from the British Foreign Office on his news website the Grayzone, revealing that the BBC and the Reuters Foundation had participated in a covert programme targeting Russia and its neighbours, seeking to push political change within the country.  Former Labour …

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‘What is this, 1998?’ Twitter users astonished that Tony Blair is opining on Covid roadmap… and MEDIA COVERS IT as ‘news’

The former Labour Party leader on Friday published his own “roadmap” out of the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown, complete with a “traffic light system” dictating data-based parameters for opening and closing decisions. Mainstream media outlets jumped on the report as big news, with some portraying it as influential in setting the …

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