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Tuck tightly “walked” by people’s Deputy Lyashko

Тука жестко "прошелся" по нардепу ЛяшкоTuck called Lyashko “fed political nag”.

The Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Georgy Tuka “caressed” in the microblog of the main “radical” of the country of Oleg Lyashko.

Tuck responded to the statement Lyashko that the Ukrainian autobahn is the chaise, harnessed the old unfed mares.

“Yesterday, responding to the thesis of the President about the highway, which Ukraine moves into the EU, radical populism fountain Oleg Lyashko said, “Yes, we’re moving the highway. But we go on the cart with old unfed bitches and a poor coachman,” writes Tuck.

Deputy Minister sarcastically emphasized the rhetoric, and the ornateness of the statements Lyashko and noted that one of the “old war horses”, is the head of the Radical party.

“That’s just Oleg V. said that he personally is one of those “old war horses”. However, this “Politicheskaya nag”, though old, very well fed!” – said the fat.

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