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Tons of rare photos show how to create the PHANTASM 2

July 8, 1988 in the United States has released the horror movie “Phantasm 2” (Phantasm II), this means that the picture recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, master of makeup (“Outside”, “a Nightmare on elm street 2”, “evil dead 2”) mark Shostrom (Mark Shostrom) hit the nostalgia and posted in his page in Twitter a TON of rare photos from the filming – for the most part, of course, these pictures captured the work on the makeup and special effects.

Unlike the original “Phantasm” and other sequels, the second part was NOT quite so low-budget horror film category B. the fact that after the success of the first movie in the series Universal studios considered “Phantasm” as a potential big horror franchise. So the production of the sequel was a dedicated serious money (three million dollars) – which, by itself, affected the quality first visual component. For comparison, filmed ten years before this “Phantasm” had a budget ten times less, only 300 thousand bucks. And has collected almost 12 million, which, of course, was a huge success.

Alas, the sequel, even though the invested funds, and repulsed, but overall showed quite modest results at the box office (less than the original)… However, nostalgia money can not be measured, isn’t it?

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