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PHOTOS of White House cocaine released to media

New details about the case of a bag of cocaine found at the White House last summer have been published by British tabloid the Daily Mail, which obtained documents and images through a Freedom of Information Act request. The package, which was discovered in a phone locker of the West …

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Never-before-seen photos from Gitmo revealed by NYT

The New York Times has published never-before-seen photos from the infamous US-run detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The US began extra-judicially detaining and extraditing inmates from the Middle East and elsewhere to the off-shore prison shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The photos were obtained from the National Archives using …

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Azov commander boasts about gruesome photos of executed civilians

A Ukrainian officer who at one point commanded the notorious neo-Nazi Azov regiment has gloated on social media over graphic photos of dead members of an opposition party. The activists “disappeared” from the Ukrainian-held city of Severodonetsk in early March and appear to have been extrajudicially executed, with Maksim Zhorin …

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Disturbing photos prompt panic on plane

Nine Israeli youths have been detained on Tuesday, after delaying a flight from Tel Aviv to Istanbul by sharing photos of plane crashes and causing panic among fellow passengers. As the AnadoluJet plane prepared for takeoff, many passengers received disturbing photos of airline disasters, prompting the crew to turn around …

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Russia marks Victory Day with Red Square parade (PHOTOS)

Up to 11,000 soldiers marched through Moscow’s iconic Red Square on Monday, followed by more than 100 armored vehicles, as Russia marked the 77th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany and its allies in World War II. The Red Army’s fight against Nazi troops is known as the Great …

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EU country destroys stray naval mine in Black Sea (PHOTOS)

The Romanian military destroyed a stray naval mine discovered on Monday some 39 nautical miles (71km) away from the country’s Black Sea shore. An object suspected of being a mine was first discovered floating in the country’s waters by a fishing boat, the captain of which alerted the authorities. A …

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Stealth warship-submarine hybrid unveiled in Russia (PHOTOS)

A military design bureau in Russia showed digital images of the larger, upgraded model of its stealth combat surface ship-submarine hybrid on Wednesday. Dubbed ‘Strazh’ (‘the Guardian’), the vessel “combines surface and underwater features,” and can spot enemies with its powerful radar and approach them unnoticed, the Rubin Central Design …

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American ‘lethal aid’ arrives in Ukraine (PHOTOS)

The first shipment of military aid promised to Ukraine by US President Joe Biden amid Western speculation about a supposedly imminent “Russian invasion” of the country has been delivered to Kiev. Late on Friday, the US Embassy in the Ukrainian capital posted photos on Twitter of large green-colored crates being unloaded from …

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