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To sleep and not Wake up: a review of the movie “Flatliners” (2017)

Courtney is a successful student of medical University who study the phenomenon of near-death experiences. To prove the existence of the afterlife, a girl asks his friends to kill her one minute, and after to revive. The experiment is successful, and Courtney returns “from the dead” even more clever, perceptive and quick-witted, than ever. Impressed by her success, the rest of the students repeated the experience short of death, and at first all goes well – until each of them start to visit the ominous “other” guests.

To start to spread apart the remake of the eponymous film by Joel Schumacher can be any end in sight, but it would be logical to start with the Director. This position on the set of the film was occupied by Niels Arden Oplev, at the time, pretty well filmed novel of Stieg Larsson’s “the girl with the dragon tattoo.” Then immediately and without any doubt it can be argued that “Flatliners” Nils took solely for the money, but not for the sake of art. The impression was that he had never been interested in horror and got acquainted with the genre in a quick pace just before the shooting, and taking samples of the films of 20 years ago. Otherwise, how else to explain the fact that the picture is not just does not fit the standards of a modern grim horror attraction (and certainly not offering anything original), but blatantly exploits these template methods, which is not found even among newcomers with disposable malobyudzhetnoy?

The structure of the plot is as simple as plug, and utterly predictable. In the first half of students who are similar to physicians as well as Dwayne Johnson – a Professor of quantum physics, repeatedly violate the Hippocratic oath and catch this unearthly buzz. The second is devoted to “horrorday” part, namely that in quotes because so little of modern Directors does not remove already virtually none. The essence of absolutely all of “the Scarecrow” film to irritability are the same – the hero sees near itself, the Ghost, is distracted by something, turns his head back, and the Ghost was gone. It is a standard pattern, but its concentration in the film is so insane, because such a “about the game” has accumulated as a result of those under fifteen.

Well, the last hope for the script disappears when the viewer in the final twenty minutes I start to openly lecture about the need to listen to the conscience that we need to forgive the mistakes of yourself and others, and blah-blah-blah. And heard these revelations from the mouths of yesterday’s offenders, five minutes of “junkies” and is simply gouging. There was a clear evolution of the characters? No, they’re just scared and suddenly decided to live like the righteous. The moral of which harmonize with 27 years ago to drama Schumacher, in the youth horror film Oplev looks highly far-fetched.

Stronger than anything happening on the screen looks like the pilot of the next pass of the series, continue watching which does not arise the slightest desire. Primitive in the frame just about anything – and outdated style of shooting, and desperately bored actors, and a dull soundtrack, and a broken installation, and not a bit scary “screamers”. Speaking of acting – I try here only known Ellen page and Nina Dobrev, and both girls clearly saying lines through the force, knowing to participate in some stuff signed.

For a science fiction movie too stupid for a horror film – too banal, for the drama is very fresh. So who do we need in 2017, the new “Flatliners”? It is just a very bad attempt to squeeze money from a familiar name, which is doomed to a just oblivion, and can only feel sorry for those of film makers, who will have to enter his filmography the pacifier.

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