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In teleroliki “Flatliners,” came Kiefer Sutherland!

Well, finally, and have been waiting for. Zone Horror got teleroliki fresh “Flatliners,” which ensures that Mr. Sutherland is really the case. On the participation of the stars of the original paintings in “Flatliners” 2017 release, it became known more than a year ago. Then we wondered whether transforms the …

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New movie trailers the FLATLINERS

Everybody out of the coma…! Especially since in the remake of “Flatliners” (Flatliners) a condition of clinical death is akin to the “twilight” books Lukyanenko. On the other side is not so hot is nice, but the main thing is coming back, not to take anything superfluous. Something otherworldly. Sony …

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Know the new “Flatliners” in the face

In a month breaks out the premiere of “Flatliners” (Flatliners) – new stories from the world of the experiment with clinical death. The film is called a remake of the eponymous film by Joel Schumacher, but then the caste appeared Kiefer Sutherland and said that playing the same character, as …

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A new trailer of the remake of the FLATLINERS terrifying

A new trailer for “It” today. A little more, a little bit. In the meantime, as a warm-up watch the second international trailer of the mystical horror film “Flatliners” (Flatliners) – creepy clown in it, but horror in General, enough. Though nothing really new movie offers no – well, Yes, …

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Between life and death – the Flatliners (TRAILER)

With baalshem pleasure to present to you the first official trailer for the mystical Thriller “Flatliners” (Flatliners). Plus, once the international trailer, the first couple of shots and the movie poster! The slogan in the picture that should be: “You have not lived until, until he died”. Trailers, in General, …

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