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Thomas Jane and a few photos from the shooting of the “1922” on the novel by Stephen king

If a farmer kills his wife, it means someone it is necessary. First of all to the farmer. One hundred acres of land, too, because the road is not lying. The story of Stephen king’s “1922” is the story of a crime. Crimes, which must inevitably be punished.

The other day we wrote about the film adaptation of “1922,” the benefit and the reason was good: Netflix announced the release date of the film and the Network has flowed official pair of frames. Them in a rather unusual form was embodied the main character played by Thomas Jane, the special adaptations of the works of the King. Someone, he recalled Dmitry Nagiyev, someone Vladimir Mashkov, but in the screen image, he seems to fit well. It is now possible to see this again.

On the eyes we got footage from the set, partially stylized old photographs. Something could even be present in the family album. Jane Moody, brooding, and from him emanates the negative and potential trouble. His hero mostly spends time in the armchair with a cigar and a bottle. This is pretty depressing picture. In General, it is easy to believe that this person is able to soak his faithful…

From October 20, 2017 can be viewed as it happened. And the most interesting – what happened after that.

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