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These tips will help you ride safely on mountain roads

Эти советы помогут безопасно ездить по горным дорогам Experienced drivers shared their recommendations.

Trip on a mountain road requires the driver’s attention, tension, special skills. Experts talked about how to properly ride in the mountains, not to suffer.

On the descent

Many drivers who used to drive on flat terrain, just do not know how to brake in the mountains. Without proper braking on a mountain road is impossible to ride. Remember that in the mountains you need to use engine brake and brake only be used for the selection of speed, turn or stop. Enable this transfer, so that when all pedals are released, the car rolling with the right speed for you.

If you have “automatic”, then on a mountain road during the descent you may need to switch to manual mode and to choose the right gear.

To use engine brake in the mountains, just a short descent. In this case, press the pedal short and energetic movements.

On the rise

On long climbs, observe the rpm of the motor. They should be neither too high nor too low. Otherwise the motor will overheat or will get too much stress.

What is the optimal engine speed? Prolonged lifting of the optimal mode from 2 thousand to 4 thousand rpm./min.

In the mountains when “automatic” is sometimes a need to go to manual mode and to choose the right gear. On the old “machines” without manual mode the driver may be forced to limit the number of gears.


The turns in the mountains are very dangerous. Especially if the car is moving at a “decent” speed. Therefore, before turn on the mountain road reduce speed 5-15 km/h To turn you need to drive in low gear.


Features of the mountain roads are such that there is a bad review. Every moment to meet you around the corner can leave the car. Local residents are accustomed to driving on mountain roads, and you don’t. You flat driver. So never go into the oncoming lane, especially on turns.

Be especially careful when overtaking. Due to poor visibility, there is a chance not just to see the oncoming car.


If you are traveling through the mountains by car, we recommend you to stop only at special observation sites. They are quite common, even in the Ukrainian mountains. Mountain roads are narrow, the curb it is better not to stop. So you will avoid trouble.

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