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These countries who Deplete the Earth

Названы страны, которые больше других истощают Землю In the top three – China, India and the United States.

In 1970, mankind first used more environmental resources than it can develop the Land. Since then, the gap between demand and the ability of nature to satisfy his steadily growing. This means that we are almost half a century living on borrowed time.

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Although not all of the country equally use the environmental resources of the planet. The portal Priceonomics has published a rating of countries most and least pollute the environment. During its compilation was based on data from Global Footprint Network research Bureau, which studies climate change and natural resources of the Earth.

It turned out that the highest consumption of environmental resources per capita in Western Europe, East Asia and the States producing oil. So, in Luxembourg the deficit per person is 10 times more than the world average. But the sparsely populated and densely overgrown forests of South America such as Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, the most sparing attitude to nature.

Quite predictable, which is faster than the planet’s natural resources spending by developed countries. Among the 50 largest economies in the world the most environmentally responsible is Canada, while South Korea and the United States have the worst indicators in this area.

The analysis of the rate of use of natural resources use the term ecological footprint. This value shows how much territory is necessary for the production consumed by the citizen of a particular country’s biological resources and absorb waste.

Ecological footprint is measured in global hectares (hectares of land or marine environment with an average across the globe the ability to trade resources and waste management. – Approx. ed.).

The smallest ecological footprint of the island of Montserrat (British overseas territory) – 27,374 ha. Also the three most “harmless” are Nauru (29,543 hectares) and Wallis and Futuna (30,761 ha).

Названы страны, которые больше других истощают Землю

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