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The Western media harshly criticized the leading “Eurovision” in Kiev

Западные СМИ жестко раскритиковали ведущих "Евровидения" в КиевеWhat you write about in the world of competition and Ukraine.

Popular British newspaper the Telegraph criticized the Ukrainian leading “Eurovision-2017”.

“After a short and stylish video about a traditional Ukrainian costume guy named Monatic opens the show. He’s probably one of the biggest pop stars. Dressed in a fine long coat, but honestly, I’m not sure that he is able to conquer the British charts in the near future. And still do not like the idea of the organizers to include more music, which has nothing to do with Eurovision. Ukrainian leading also wish the best to three identical-looking white guy who ironically chose, ignoring the top theme of the year “Respect diversity”. Some would call it hypocrisy, but perhaps these three are the only one who talks in Ukraine in English? Worst of all is that they all are missing the “chemistry” and charisma, and their chatter on stage sounds as fun as the message left on the answering machine drunk friend in the middle of the dead of the night. Oh gods, did they have to endure two more nights?” – write the journalists of the British edition.

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