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The virus of lawlessness. A new disease has no clear symptoms, it is difficult to identify the test, patients recover themselves

Вирус бесправия. Новая болезнь не имеет четких симптомов, ее трудно выявить тестом, больные выздоравливают сами

As the network runs the joke about the two main symptom of the presence of coronavirus: irresistibly drawn to eat buckwheat and take advantage of the toilet paper. But if you approach the issue seriously, the main signs of the presence of coronavirus in humans are weakness, shortness of breath, high fever and dry cough. In other words, the coronavirus completely indistinguishable from other respiratory diseases. Moreover, experts argue that to distinguish the new coronavirus from SARS and regular flu is almost impossible. Moreover, if in the ordinary flu, the patient usually experiences high temperatures, when the coronavirus may not be. Truly, a terrible disease.

That is, the symptoms are impossible to understand anything, we need a special test, the results of which become known only after a few days. But how accurate are the tests? As informs Rospotrebnadzor, citing Chinese scientists, false negative results may show tests 30% – 50% of cases of true disease. There are such a thing as a false positive result: with the same probability, the test can show that you have a coronavirus, even if in reality you are not infected. Good reliability, right?

Another question: the test detects the presence of specifically COVID-19 or even the presence of some viruses in the body? If you believe the medical books, coronaviruses are a family of RNA viruses that most often cause disease in animals, some in humans. Thus in humans the infection usually has mild symptoms of SARS without causing severe complications. Scientists have proved that even a healthy person may be various viruses. And viruses causing various diseases, can live in the human body and not harm him. What, then, reveals the test with such amazing “accuracy”?

But well, let’s say, found the disease. Is there a cure for it? No, doctors and scientists are still studying the new virus, known cure yet, but we know that the vast majority of patients recover without any consequences. So what we have: a new “fashionable” disease has no symptoms, it is almost impossible to identify the test, a drug no, but patients recover themselves.

But people die, at least in Italy – that’s right, we talked about it on TV. Morgues are overflowing, etc. Really confuse the rare reservations about old age Italian victims of the “pandemic”: almost all of them – the elderly aged 75 years and above. And despite the fact that in Russia, the average life expectancy of 71 years.

Have you paid attention to what messages appear, well, for example, on Yandex among five important messages? They write that “the patient died from the coronavirus”. Have you ever heard or read the phrase “died of the patient with cancer”? Write “the patient died of cancer”. And that now appears in the news only says that the sick old man may have suffered by many, including possibly fatal diseases, the test for the coronavirus has given conditional positive result with accuracy 50%. And nothing more.

What it sounds like? On that “to catch a black cat in a dark room” of the famous sayings, despite the fact that, most likely, the same cat at all. What do you have? Fear mongering and unfounded emergency measures, “the Kremlin” and strive to turn in a new system of total injustice and control.

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