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The UAE has died a woman who weighed half a ton

В ОАЭ умерла женщина, которая весила полтонны37-year-old girl dies.

In the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi died 37-year-old Egyptian eman Ahmed AB El ATI, weighing 504 pounds and is considered the heaviest woman in the world.

According to a statement released by the hospital, the cause of death was cardiovascular disease and renal failure.

The woman was treated in Abu Dhabi in may this year. What followed over 20 doctors of various specialties.

In February, eman Ahmed was taken to the Indian hospital for treatment from obesity. In early March it operated. In mid-April, doctors announced that for two months, the Egyptian dropped 250 pounds.

Sister eman Ahmed accused the Indian medical fraud. She claimed that after the operation the woman a month and a half was in critical condition. In may, eman Ahmed was transferred to a hospital in the UAE.

The cause of obesity Egyptians believed the dysfunction of the glands and elefantes caused by parasitic nematodes. At birth she was diagnosed with elefantes, ivory disease in childhood she suffered a stroke, which bedridden. When eman Ahmed was 11 years old, her weight reached 500 pounds. According to her family, she hasn’t left his house for 25 years.

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