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The truth about the Soviet militia

Правда про советскую милицию


Правда про советскую милицию

So, friends, today will be an interesting and long-planned my post — that was the Soviet police, how it worked and how it differed from modern police in developed countries. This is a very interesting topic as it shows how really things were in the USSR. Fans scoop love to defy the false Soviet statistics, talking about how great life was in the scoop — but really all of these statistics was entirely false, and the Soviet police participated in these falsifications are the most direct part.

Citizens responded to the police in the same — despite the comprehensive state-wide propaganda campaign to “whitewash the image of the police” with the participation of telefilm and Kobzon — the citizens treat the police with suspicion chuvtsva, called them “cops” and generally prefer to stay away from the police and not to have any dealings with them. He loved to chat with the police all sorts of isklyuchtelno senior on the porch — usually a half-crazy old men-the activists of the former military, who took out the entire entrance of his activism and campy manners.

So in today’s post — the story of Soviet police. In General, make sure you check out the article below, write your opinion in the comments, and of friends added do not forget. And telegram channel also subscribe.

As the Soviet police treat citizens.

Правда про советскую милицию

I will begin immediately with home — as the Soviet police treat citizens. In 1917, the year the country has witnessed the October revolution, after which the established authority, calling themselves a “government of workers and peasants”. In fact, under this formula, designed to deceive its own citizens and foreign countries, hiding the real dictatorship that seized by armed power.

In fact, since any armed structure in Soviet Russia (and later USSR) began serving the citizens and the authorities. The police are no exception — her main calling was not to protect the citizens, and the protection of the government from its own people. Here is a direct proof of this is in the photo below you can see the so-called “obligation” policeman of the Soviet 1920-ies, which became something of a police oath.

In this document, the policeman obyazuetsya on behalf of the working people to deal with the same people. Note on clause 6 — “Commit to ruthlessly suppress all protests against the workers and peasants Soviet government”. That is, the officer is actually sworn not to the people, and the government — a gang of usurpers, who seized power in the country and is preparing to suppress popular protests.

Правда про советскую милицию

In later years this attitude of the Soviet cops to the people remained unchanged. In the country there was no private ownership, the concept of “private space” and “private” — people had nothing of their own and could not feel protected. The Soviet police, if people would see that as necessary — could break into any apartment at any time of the day or night, and would not have incurred any responsibility, declaring such RAID of the state’s needs. By the way, that is why all doors in the Soviet apartment houses opened inward to make them easier to dislodge.

Nasty the ratio of cops to citizens could be seen other areas — for example, a drunk person, pick up in the drunk tank, were considered to be “not a citizen”, and it could easily beat and Rob the cops themselves — just by removing his pockets and then saying that no money was not there — they say that he drank or lost drunk. Nobody would understand how there really was, and certainly no one would punish the cops — the government had no right to mistake, in the eyes of the servitude of the people should remain sacred and not infallible never.

Cops unceremoniously interfered in the personal lives of citizens and in General behaved as an occupying army in a conquered city. For example — when Andropov (the idol and the teacher of Putin), the cops raided, the so-called “raids” on restaurants, shops and streets — catching “able-bodied shirkers” and identifying “parasites” have absolutely any citizen on the street could check the documents and start to stick to the issues, where and how it works, how and with whom he lives and stuff like that. If people for some reason have not worked more than four months — he could be sent to forced labor or prison.

As a result of all this over decades of the Soviet police began opprinnelse as a punitive body, which it is better not to have anything to do. By the way, it is even seen in Soviet propaganda films to show the beauty and idyllic Soviet life if suddenly somewhere there is a policeman, all hushed and fearfully looking at appeared the power, if the inspector stops the driver, then he runs to him with the documents, looking into his eyes with an ingratiating fear — that as actually belonged to the citizens of the Soviet police.

As he worked the Soviet police. Fraud.

Правда про советскую милицию

And now a little more about how it all worked, the Soviet police, and were taken from the same “safe country in which not afraid to let children walk in the night” — about which with foam at a mouth I love to tell fans of the USSR. Soviet statistics, which operate fans scoop (about the alleged “low number of crimes in the USSR”) — was entirely false, and in these frauds was directly involved the Soviet police.

In the planned Soviet economy was planned absolutely everything, including the number of crimes and clearance rate — life in the statistical reports had constantly to improve, what with growing from year to year happy Soviet citizens told a television announcer.

In practice, this was carried out so — for crimes were sent the party of “order” — for example, the number of solved serious crimes should be 95% — and this statistic started to be customized. A huge number of crimes simply disappeared — they are not recorded in police records, which means that in Soviet statistics did not exist. It is now the duty of the police to take any statement from the citizens in the USSR for making statements about the crime were supposed to be the resolution of the head of the Department — without it, the statements (and hence crime) did not exist. It is easy to guess that the chiefs tried to run the party “distribution list” and checked not all. The Prosecutor’s office was aware of this situation and turned a blind eye to it all.

For example, do not register allegations of indecent assault against minors, are reluctant to register cases of rape and things like that, the party said the attacks on children in the Soviet Union does not exist — and such crimes are almost never registered. Also the Soviet militia, there was a principle not yet reveal this is not. It is easy to guess that a huge number of unsolved crimes simply do not fall into the statistics — which paved the way exclusively white and fluffy country where all live in poverty but honestly, hiding the keys under the Mat and eat the best ice cream in the world.

Fitting raskryvaemost under statistics was another very scary moment — it extract confessions about the crimes of svidomo innocent. In the USSR practically do not start criminal cases against police for “abuse of authority” and the cops felt entitled to do just chaos with citizens. I recall only about a couple of cases— to catch Mankov Chikatilo and Mihasevich for the murders committed by them, was condemned and executed a few people. In 1980-m to year for a murder committed by Mihasevich, was shot Nicholas TERENA — the court had no evidence except the confession of Nicholas. It is easy to guess, like Nicholas “processed” in the police Department.

My militia protects me. Instead of an epilogue.

Правда про советскую милицию

Realizing that Soviet militia formed not the best way, the Soviet power the entire history of its existence, tried to improve the police image — they came up with various concerts by Day of militia, launched memes like “my militia protects me” was shown in the movies of the serious Soviet policemen who tirelessly raise the level of combat and politicheskoi training and think about the welfare of the people — but in fact it was all in vain. Unlike developed countries, where the police is perceived as comrade and protector — in the Soviet Union, the “COP” was seen as a punitive element of power, from whom better to stay away.

Such cases.

What do you think about Soviet police? Write in the comments interesting.


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