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The trailer and poster of the horror film “High people”

Wow, three of Slenderman? And, no, it’s “Tall people”, an independent horror Director, screenwriter, producer and even operator Jonathan Holbrook.

We can assume that such versatility is a consequence of a highly limited budget. And really, the picture looks cheap, even on the trailer. However, the horror is there some kind of present. So it turns out — cheap and cheerful. Or more precisely, cheap and scary.

What is the story?

Terrence Mackley is on the verge of bankruptcy, its debt exceeded $ 80,000. He learns about the mysterious black credit card seems to salvation, however, after Maccabi ask for it, it is visited by a strange tall people in business suits, and life becomes a bizarre nightmare.

You know what? This is interesting. You are no ancient curses, instead, highly relevant story with loans and debts.

Well, the actor playing the main role, Dan Crisafulli, it seems, can play fear. Phantoms in suits look good, the get-up of other demons too, pretty’s a pretty freaky. So despite the cheapness of the movie can drag.

Here is a Slenderman for the poor.

“Tall people” will be released on may 9 of this year on various platforms “Video on demand” and on DVD and Blu-ray.

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