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The su-57 was tested in an unmanned mode

While in the States happen of the crash of fighter planes, Russia is beginning to use technology unmanned fighter sixth generation of the fifth generation fighter, including the su-57. Through this approach, the fighter was the first fighting vehicle of the fifth generation with the sixth generation opportunities.

Истребитель Су-57 испытали в беспилотном режиме

Note that the unmanned mode will significantly increase the maneuverability of the aircraft. Modern technology has provided such a possibility, however, the pilot body is not able to move such a load, the manned machines. If during the air maneuvers load exceeds 9G, the person may lose consciousness that does not threaten the computer-controlled flight. Therefore, unmanned fighters in real combat will have the advantage over manned.

It is important to note that to date, artificial intelligence cannot replace a living person fully. During the battle, the situation is constantly changing. For such conditions it is necessary to develop a clear behavior.

At the moment an unmanned regime of the Russian fifth generation fighter aircraft su-57можно only be used to perform basic aerial maneuvers: flying, takeoff and landing. Though this system is not able to replace humans in combat, but can significantly reduce the pilot’s workload.



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