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US secretly tested hypersonic missile – media

The US has tested a hypersonic missile designed by Lockheed Martin for the Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept (HAWC) program, a defense official cited by CNN on Monday has claimed. The Biden administration supposedly kept the trial secret not to antagonize Russia further. According to the CNN source, the scramjet missile …

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US tested experimental drugs on Ukrainian soldiers – Moscow

The US has been involved in testing experimental drugs on “volunteers” from the ranks of the Ukrainian military, commander of Russian Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Forces Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov said during a media briefing on Thursday. “We continue to publish information about the research with the participation of Ukrainian …

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UK’s Queen Elizabeth has tested positive for Covid-19

UK’s Queen Elizabeth II has contracted Covid, with a recent test yielding a positive result, Buckingham Palace said in a statement released on Sunday. The 95-year-old monarch is said to be experiencing only “mild cold-like symptoms,” and is expected to continue performing “light duties” in the coming days. Last Thursday, …

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Mind-reading robot tested on humans – reports

Chinese scientists have built a wearable robot that can reportedly read a human mind by monitoring brain waves and muscle activity. Developers claim the machine was able to “recognize human intention” with 96% accuracy. Testing the device on factory workers, researchers from the Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Technology Centre at China …

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North Korea says it tested NEW type of submarine-launched ballistic missile with ‘advanced’ guidance & control system

North Korea’s Academy of Defense Science said Tuesday’s test went off without a hitch and proved the missile’s “advanced control guidance technologies,” according to the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). The new missile “will greatly contribute to the advancement of the nation’s defense technology and the improvement of the …

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North Korea claims it successfully tested new ‘HYPERSONIC’ missile system

“In the first test launch, defense scientists confirmed the flight maneuverability and stability of the missile,” Rodong Sinmun and KCNA, North Korean state-run news outlets, reported on Wednesday, noting that Park Jeong-cheon, a high ranking member of the politburo for the central committee of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea, observed the test …

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