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The scientists said that awaits humanity after 30 years

Ученые рассказали, что ждет человечество через 30 лет According to experts, there are several important reasons to wait until 2050.

If you believe the scientists, looking forward to seeing a lot of attractive prospects.

First of all, increase the duration of human life. Now medical technology has leaped forward, and in the future for a full diagnosis people will be sufficient to use any device.

Second, mankind will be universally available for three-dimensional printing technology. Almost any object can be created this way, and it turns out that all the things people need will be available. In the United States have already started to print a whole house with electricity and water. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The third important achievement will be the use of virtual reality technology in education. For example, in schools, students will be able directly during a lesson to visit the historically important battle, or listen to a lecture by eminent Professor from another state.

Due to this, items will become more interesting, and bored at school don’t have.

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