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The relation between the work of mobile phones and particles in space

Установлена связь между работой мобильников и частицами в космосеScientists are trying to establish a connection between the poor performance of phones and particles in space.

Earlier this question has already been studied, scientists thought about the impact of radiation on electronics.

As it turned out, the electric particles that are a by-product of rays from space, provide certain electronic equipment, which cause her damage. Every day about one million such particles have an impact on the person, but people do not worry, because in living organisms, these particles have no impact.

As for electronic devices, it is the opposite. Particles are able to change individual bits, which cause a devastating effect on the integrated circuit phones.

A unique case was recorded in Belgium in 2003. Through such cosmic influence on the election one candidate was counted 4096 votes additionally. And in 2008 in the UAE, the case of the on-Board computer passenger airliner Qantas, which itself caused the autopilot caused the landing of the liner in the wrong place.

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