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The prologue to lustration.On elections and choice

Пролог к люстрации.О выборах и выборе

In the magazine “New time”, where I worked in the years of perestroika, we came up with the heading “Thinking out loud”, which took the soul, having the opportunity to write that I think on the most urgent issues, we can say that the indulgence for uncensored flight of thought, a kind of pre-Internet blogging. One of the materials that I wrote in the beginning of the 1990s, was called a “Dictatorship of mediocrity”. It was dedicated to the party nomenclature of the second tier who came to replace Gorbachev intellectuals perestroika: a kind of peasant-Communists, vigorously changed its name to the Communist party, the Communist party, and even lost their party affiliation, are ready on all for the sake of posts. Of these the middle with different “crusts” (the party, the KGB) were successfully dissolved in a mixed oculolinctus bureaucracy. Actually, Vladimir Putin is right out of that environment and left.

And so, 30 years, 20 of them on the conscience of the Prime Minister-President Putin. During this time, Putin built a system called “Putinism” a lot of things taken away from the country. And above all – freedom of choice. The freedom of thought. And the desire to think – a large part of society. What is most afraid of Putin’s power? The Putin regime fears that were not in her power. Freedom of choice it is quickly destroyed. But the freedom to think and think it with all of your verticals and cleansing of the political field netusil. She grew fat from too many years of impunity, from inertia, which are accepted or not important decisions are made. That’s it, and reeling at the first jolt, which, oddly enough, was the Moscow elections: the clubs and civilians goes, the “law” it has long same derived not only beyond the Constitution but also common sense.

But the major unpleasant surprise for the authorities it is not theoretically possible success of its opponents at the first danger was eliminated by administrative landings. Puzzled Kremlin strategists other: as, for example, a freshman Higher school of Economics Egor Zhukov, who shared in the Internet for his critical thinking about politics, for some six months, became a popular blogger with 140 thousand subscribers, a year later, and all tried (and it really could be elected!) Deputy in the city Duma, being “anyone’s project.” Unthinkable! Oprichnina nervous. The young Yegor, honest, brave, educated, well and available to formulate their thoughts, besides, who, as it turned out, talking to people not only through the Internet, is the future leader of the new generation. The antithesis of the rotten corrupt system of “succession”, which deftly slipped the country the ones I have mentioned “middling” in order to remain at the trough after writing off the exhaust and exhaust Yeltsin.

People in this system is reserved only role is to keep silence. Then he good, right, people. People, peacefully overlooking the street, having no other opportunities to communicate to the leaders their thoughts and demands or expressing outrage at the tweets on the Internet, bad people. Wrong. It is necessary to do something. Because the background of such people power looks pathetic. Pathetic leader on a motorcycle with a sidecar. Pathetic guardsmen with blurred faces. Pathetic “great writer”, publicly boasting how Ukrainians killed in the Donbass. Pathetic Ministers, puffed out his cheeks at the word “greatness”. Pathetic advocate, tirelessly spewing TV stream of filth and hate everything, anything or anybody will order crimeboss. Pathetic mayor and decided not to reach out to people on a pocket, at the behest of the Kremlin organized a rally of supporters.

For them, this type of interaction with real voters – “curiosities”. Here to eat ice cream under the camera buying it from a reputable FSO-schnick saleswoman, – aerobatics. It is this unity of the leader with the people to 2024 suggest Kremlin spin doctors. And the wrong people dissatisfied relies tightening of repression: criminal terms for being “touched by the police” incorrectly and in the wrong walking on the street, criticized high and small bosses or retweeted someone who dared to criticize.

When points become too numerous repressions cease to be a point. And evolve they will, including other, less public, vectors. Judging by how quickly at the Bottom of the Tower in Moscow, the new acting senior Director for information policy banned students, publishes student magazine Doxa, to collect letters in support of political prisoners and quiz on knowledge of civil rights, Russian universities are interesting times. Today they revive the Soviet counterparts of the “first divisions”, when every major organization, every University leader was a Deputy security officer, nazerali for the General situation in the assigned facility, and along by the head, and verbovka in their ranks future employees or just informers.

With the approach of parliamentary elections in 2021, the situation in Russia is even more strained: too big at the Kremlin inhabitants of heaven, the temptation to suppress any dissent. The more Parliament looks set to be given an important role – either site for soft landing of an aging leader (in the case of any change in the Constitution), or to resolve the question of whether Putin will offer people the “after” if this people continues in the mass, will remain silent.

However silent it is unlikely. When, during the municipal elections of 2017 on the door of my Moscow apartment appeared a young girl from the team of Dmitry Gudkov with a list of the candidates for whom she campaigned to vote – and for anyone who would seem most appropriate, I realized that “process has gone”. And, by the way, the real result of this teamwork is not forced to wait long, in the face of colleagues Ilya Azar, who was elected as a municipal Deputy.

I can not imagine how you can vote for people completely alien to my ideology or agenda. And I’m glad I have no such dilemma exists in our liberal Khamovniki, even after the Kremlin Stripping lists, left one for whom to give my voice something that is not ashamed want. Will the “smart voting” Bulk to beat the system, constructed by the Kremlin? Unlikely. After all, whatever the outcome of this election, most of the “Communist system” the city Council is still on fundamental political issues will vote as orders of the superiors – in fact, that the Kremlin system keeps. The power of the opponents of Putin’s government today, in my opinion, is in the unpredictability of the appearance of Bugs, Kotovych and many other intrepid young people who, despite harsh repression, it becomes more and more.

There is another point to which I drew attention during the August pre-election rallies and marches – for the first time loud and clear, in the slogans and posters, the requirement was made “Lustration!”. “What is it?” – asked walking next to me on the Avenue Sakharov young man. The older man immediately explained the meaning of the term. Lustration in Russia has never been, as there was condemnation at the state level of the crimes of Stalinism. Lustration in Russia, after all we managed to do in two decades, Putin’s power, in my opinion, inevitable. And she inevitably will cover those who makes unjust decisions – like four years Konstantin Kotov for participation in peaceful rallies; those who give and takes criminal orders – like leaving in an empty apartment with the door open two year old daughter Azar; those who write fake records, who tortures, lies, steals, loses his head, and even the human form of permissiveness. Today the gray bureaucrats of the security forces and justice chose lawlessness. Tomorrow they will choose lustration. And (or) the Tribunal. It’s someone as lucky.

Galina Sidorova is a Moscow journalist

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