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A simple wrong choice of national

In the “stagnation” of Brezhnev had no such fear of impending progress and resistance to him. Putin’s current “stagnation” can be compared with the situation prior to February 1917, when an outdated system of government was demolished by technological development, but could not resist on the path of democracy and …

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Only ductile iron: the Europeans have made their choice

Among the fans of the production of high-strength cast iron with nodular graphite can be attributed to engineers from the US, China and Europe.   The popularity of pipes made of ductile iron due to unique performance characteristics. They are achieved thanks to the special composition of the material. To …

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The prologue to lustration.On elections and choice

In the magazine “New time”, where I worked in the years of perestroika, we came up with the heading “Thinking out loud”, which took the soul, having the opportunity to write that I think on the most urgent issues, we can say that the indulgence for uncensored flight of thought, …

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Formal positive: more choice jokes on Sunday

No day without a smile. Killer jokes for a good mood in the evening. – Thank you, doctor, that you have cured me of megalomania. Now I the person absolutely unsurpassed, fantastic, you might say, a phenomenal modesty!.. I hate when you are a magical pink fairy, and all around …

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Horror dominates the Critics’ Choice Awards!

Critics’ Choice Awards – this award, which is awarded to movies and TV shows in the voting critics and journalists from organizations, The Broadcast Film Critics Association and The Broadcast Television Journalists Association. 11 Jan 2018 23 will be held at the annual awards ceremony, and yet announced the list …

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What to watch on Halloween? Rob Zombie has made his choice!

Halloween ‘s a week away, and we, horror lovers, are increasingly thinking about what the movies will look on the night of 31 October to 1 November. But the Director and musician Rob Zombie has already chosen five paintings from different years for the Halloween marathon. To cinematic (and musical) …

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