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The portrait of the typical anti-Westerners

Портрет типичного антизападника

Портрет типичного антизападника

So, friends — today is an interesting post about what exactly is a typical anti-Westerners and hater of the United States — I think you noticed that lately there are many more such characters, especially often they can be found on the Internet in the comments to any news about the US or the EU. Anti-Westerners sincerely rejoice in all the negative that happens in the West — for example, currently, a lot of these characters comes and stands in comments to the news about the burned-out Paris Cathedral — excited-Westerners are noted in the review of the victorious and joyful cries.

Not less actively anti-Westerners manifested in the comments to negative news about Russia — but there is a fair concern for the fate of the country they attack those who criticize all that is happening in Russia — “how much do you pay to the state Department against the Motherland?” — asks the anti-Westerners under each critical comment.

In General in today’s post I will tell you what the typical features characteristic of the anti-Westerners and the haters of the USA. Well, friends to add do not forget)

The availability of home TV, fellowship with him.

The vast majority of anti-Westerners and haters of the United States has a TV — TV for the anti-Westerners is the most authoritative and often the only source of information about the world. The fact that in recent years Putin’s Russian television had become solely a source of propaganda — anti-Westerners and not want to know or knows and is happy about that.

I’ve met anti-Westerners who earnestly believe that the Internet is such a “psychotronic weapons” created by the state Department specifically in order to defeat Russia. “This is your continuous lies, sponsored Pindos, but on the TV show only the truth. I’ve known Solovyov, a man will not lie!” — would like to announce antiseptic looking propaganda broadcasts.

Very often the anti-Westerners in the truest sense of the word communicates with the TV, argues with neponravivshiesya the series supports Solovyov and Kiseleva cries “so that hahlam, that’s what we showed! Smash them the fuck up!” and occasionally commented happening on the screen lengthy monologues.

Imperial thinking.

Almost all the anti-Westerners and the haters of the USA typical of Imperial thinking — someone is dreaming of a return of the Soviet Union, and someone on the contrary — dreams of a resurrected Russian Empire in the borders of 1917, with Poland and Finland in its composition. What he needs — not according to anti-Westerners, or says something “about the greatness of the Motherland, which is not sold in exchange for lace panties.”

The funny thing — dreaming about the great anti-Westerners are often not able to equip at least some piece of life around you — your yard, driveway, some surrounding space. In the entrance of the anti-Westerners can be tons of cobwebs, urine on the corners, the walls can be covered with the inscriptions “Vera is a whore” and “Tsoi is alive!” Yes that there — at the entrance of a fecal stalagmite may grow — but the anti-Westerners is to spit on it. That the entrance, when you need the fate of the Motherland think! Stalagmite doesn’t hurt anyone — says the anti-Westerners, looking at the stalagmite — it is our home and nothing bad plotting, but the Obama/trump/Poroshenko is really serious problem!

Praise all Soviet or tsarist.

Anti-Westerners are of two types — the first love and praise all Soviet and other anti-Westerners — the scoop don’t love to hate Stalin, but I love the “Russia that we lost” — I mean Russia until 1917. Periodically in the comments to different blogs I observed. epic srachi between these two types of anti-Westerners — they’re shooting each other with facts and figures, and tripping over themselves, proving that it was better to live in Russia.

However, srachi often end reconciliation – anti-Westerners agree that tsarist Russia and Stalin’s Soviet Union had in General quite a large margin of Greatness, and the country’s Decaying West was afraid of them, for anti — Westerners is the main criterion of success of the country. “I’m afraid — means respect!”.

Reading pseudo-historical literature.

Almost all the anti-Westerners and haters of the USA consider themselves to be very well-read people — but I read they are mainly all sorts of pseudo-historical literature, which professional historians believe the biased trash. The “Royal” anti-Westerners love books early 1990-ies, in which the paint is painted the history of “Russia which we lost”, and “Soviet” anti-Westerners appreciate and love books praising Stalin — who actively started to publish about after 2008.

Those and other anti-Westerners love books about popadantsev — every-Westerners find something your favorite — namely, the destruction of the United States by using Russian troops, the breakthrough of the Stalin tanks in 1945 to the Atlantic and colonization under the red flag of the moon. Two types of anti-Westerners here agree in unison — “Oh, if we would of Polacks Yes chuhon not let go, so the country would be! Velichestvenny does not happen” — shout “princes”. “Yes, but if comrade Stalin had not chickened out and declared war on the Pindos Yes frogs with Chelebi— so I have and rest of Europe owned” — echo them “scoops”.

Both anti-Westerners read books of Fomenko-Nosovskiy on the ancient Russian 50,000 years ago, converging in the view that all the achievements of civilization, including elephants and iPhones — was first coined in ancient Russia, but then was fraudulently stolen, taken, the ugly and the bourgeoisie have conspired to tell everyone that you came up with all these inventions — they are.

Conspiracy theories.

All (ALL) – Westerners susceptible to conspiracy theories. Everything happens for a reason, everything is controlled by the secret papers of the Pickwick club under the personal direction of Obama and the plan of Allen DULLES. The secret essence of these plans is primarily the destruction of Russia — and anti-Westerners easily see through such plans neurodiverse bread, inside out homes, and the eternal insecurity of life” — “again Pindos in the way, damn! Chut-chut the Earth’s axis shifted by the magnetron — and everything went wrong!”

This picture of the world easily fits everything that is happening in the world. Drowned submarine? — so it Pindos hit her. The study of the consequences of the disaster showed that it was a failed technique? Bad saboteurs snuck in here. Relatives of the victims want to bring to the state? is Obama all paid extras.

The Internet-Westerners eager to share all sorts of incredible “secret plans” and “top secret protocols” to destroy Russia — and if you are going to refute the arguments, in the best case, the anti-Westerners will look at you with a condescending smile as a “useful idiot” and at worst — say that you are the agent of the Obama/trump.

The anger in the civilization.

A small percentage of anti-Westerners from time to time goes abroad to developed countries and see that there are smooth roads, modern and clean cars, nice houses and well-kept town, and people live there very well. It would seem — need to see how people live in developed countries and to draw conclusions — but no, most anti-Westerners at all seen reacts with anger and aggression — “well, Hey Finn, you are too good to live of steel, that soon we’ll come pick you up and then you’ll see about that!”.

Such cases.

And you come across such characters? Talked to them?

Write in the comments, interesting)


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