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Portrait of a jingoistic patriots. Five signs

Hello dear members and visitors of the channel! Today we will talk about the phenomenon of “leavened” patriotism and make a portrait of a typical Jingo, using five signs, which clearly describes this character. What is this “leaven”, or jingoism? Wikipedia gives the definition: Jingoistic patriotism (lapotnaya patriotism, jingoism) – …

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The portrait of the typical anti-Westerners

So, friends — today is an interesting post about what exactly is a typical anti-Westerners and hater of the United States — I think you noticed that lately there are many more such characters, especially often they can be found on the Internet in the comments to any news about …

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Large singer surprised portrait the

Anna Sedokova showed her beauty on the fresh selfie. Anna Sedokova shared on Instagram new selfie portrait, which led to the delight of its subscribers. Signed singer this extraordinarily beautiful photo in: “And now I’m in another country, in another time pole and around all speak not yet learnt my …

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