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The people of Kiev explained why it is impossible to swim at the beach

Киевлянам объяснили, почему нельзя купаться на пляжахStay spoil algae and E. coli.

The people of Kiev are temporarily not recommended to swim in the capital’s bodies of water: in all 11 Kiev beaches there were red flags that prohibit visitors to go into the water. As explained in KP “Pleso”, this is related to algal blooms and excess water is lactopositive Escherichia coli: bathing may face allergic reactions and dangerous diseases.

THE TEMPORARY BAN. Red flags appeared on Saturday on all city beaches: “Venice”, “Child”, “Youth”, “Golden”, “Commuter suburb”, “Central”, “palm”, “Puscha-Voditsa”, “Chartreu”, “rainbow”, “Telbin”. But the ban is particularly Kiev has not stopped: at the beach yesterday “Central” on the Trukhaniv island was about a hundred people. Before lunch, many people prefer to swim sunbathing on the beach, but after a couple of hours, when the heat became unbearable, they went to bathe, not paying attention to red flags. Rescuers for holiday-makers watched from the tower, but the power of those who went into the water, did not stop.

Киевлянам объяснили, почему нельзя купаться на пляжах

“We warn that swimming is not recommended. But people decide for themselves, they should go into the water or not. Now the river is dirty because of the shower, which was held recently. Perhaps swimming can be a couple of days when the current will carry the dirt,” — told the “Today” one of the rescuers.

“We decided not to risk it. Though it is hot, but the water does not go”, — says Lyudmila, Sarenco, one of the campers. “And I think that the main thing — do not swallow the water, then nothing bad will cling,” admits Maria Zinchenko, leaving the water.

The knowledgeable people of Kiev also went swimming at Indian lake and matveevskiy Bay: according to residents, the water is much cleaner.

THAN DANGEROUS. As explained by the CEO of KP “Pleso” Denis Pikalov, red flags do not mean that the city was struck by an infection — just the level of bacteriological background temporarily exceeded. “The main factors — blooming waters and Escherichia coli is a bacteria that gets into the water from the soil after heavy rains. If the result of the analysis, we capture what’s in the water survived a large number of E. coli means that they can survive and more malicious infection that threatens gastrointestinal diseases and complications of the genitourinary system. We recommend travelers week to refrain from bathing. But if a person went swimming — it is not necessary to dive, and coming ashore, rinse in the shower,” says Pikalov and says: swimming is not recommended in unsettled city reservoirs.

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