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The people of Kiev came inflated bills

Киевлянам пришли завышенные счета за тепло Kiev overestimated bills.

Kiyani massively recalculate amounts in the payment for heat. And often it turns out that they are still overpriced. Experts say that suppliers of heat wind figures to cover losses due to a wave of defaults.
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Every month the number of dissatisfied people of Kiev who come in the heat supply, the company is growing steadily. For example, according to official statistics “Kyivenergo”, the average annual number of applications for allocation of receipts for heat and hot water has increased several times in comparison with 2013. According to the former Minister of housing Oleksiy Kucherenko, this heating season has shown that in many receipts all suppliers have overstated the amount of heat consumed in the hope that not all will ask for a recalculation. “In some homes the amount consumed Gcal increased two to four times compared to the previous heating season. While really cold days this winter has been a little”, — said Kucherenko. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In turn, the Director of the analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko believes that in this way service providers try to cover losses due to a wave of defaults. “After the increase in prices of utility companies have accumulated huge accounts receivable. Therefore, in order to compensate for the losses, were forced to charge the amount, based on the so-called settlement plan. That is, to the people who do pay, pay more and those who refused to pay,” — said Okhrimenko. By the way, according to the state statistics service, in January 2017, the people of Kiev have not paid for virtually a quarter of the assessed amounts for heat and hot water.
“Instead of 300 thousand paid 150 thousand.”

As they say in city hall, last month, the recalculation of payments for heating have addressed about 300 thousand families, but are counted only every sixth. However, in homes where it was held, the savings was very substantial. According to energy expert Maria Yakovleva, often suppliers of heat sin that insufficient heated coolant, and at the end of the month take the full cost of Gcal. “In the middle of winter to our house came bills in the amount of 300 thousand UAH. We did not agree with this figure and wrote a complaint to the recalculation. The result obschedomovoy expense decreased to 100 thousand UAH”, — she says. In her opinion, residents with meters installed should check the average temperatures of the coolant and compare the amount of heat consumed
with previous periods.

Residents of Solomenskiy district believe that postbasic send them an intentionally wrong bills with the hope that many will not write the application on recalculation. For example, in the building on the street Heroes of Sevastopol with ten years back the circulation that delivers heat in polotentsesushiteli (for it service providers put additional rate.— Ed.) but, say the residents, in the last month they received a payment order with this dryer.

“Apparently, someone decided to test our response,” — said the inhabitant of the house Anna. In the end, the tenants wrote a complaint and received allocation in the amount of UAH 7 per square meter.

But the inhabitants of the area Teremki-2, in the Goloseevsky district, local private heat supplier refuses to carry out the recalculations and completely ignores the complaints of citizens. So, according to the resident of the house 19/14 at St. Williams Andrei Nazarenko, he in December of last year wrote a letter to the Director of the company with a request to recalculate his pay stubs, the amount of which exceeded 4 thousand UAH. “Three months ago, I wrote a letter with the requirement to show the calculation on the basis of which I counted 4, 2 thousand UAH in December. Instead, in January I came payment system is already 4.8 thousand UAH. Significantly, after the installation the housing of the meter, in February, counted a total of 800 hryvnia. I’m fundamentally not going to pay for heat that is not used and which I counted “from the lantern,” says Andrew.

At city hall also claim that the monthly checks, but to influence private providers, they can not heat.

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