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The people of Kiev are shocked by the made ex-Deputy

Киевляне шокированы снимком, сделанным экс-депутатомAlexey Davidenko recalled the condition of the roads.

In Kiev on the bridge Paton, and in the autumn he was repairing the road disappeared road markings.

About this on his page on the social network Facebook I wrote ex-the Deputy kiyevsoveta Alexey Davydenko, posting appropriate photos.

“The asphalt is perfect! However, since autumn on the bridge at all no markings,” commented a photo of Davydenko.

Киевляне шокированы снимком, сделанным экс-депутатом

He said that twice a day commute across the bridge Paton, and joked that now the bridge is “steeped in the democracy of the road.”

“Once during the dictatorship was outlined by three rows on each side, and the reverse in the middle. Remember. Then the dictatorship was expressed even in such trifles. Built us. We drew the line of motion. Pinched us in white. But we won. Enjoy,” wrote the ex-Deputy.

He stressed that the lack of markup is very European.

“I think in Europe there are not so many of these capitals, where the bridges for six months there are no lanes!” – said Davidenko.

Киевляне шокированы снимком, сделанным экс-депутатом

In the comments Kiev-drivers massively resent the bridge without markup.

“A field, not a bridge,” writes Maria Artemenko.

“And razmetka in the subconscious left her and go” – ironically Sergei Sokolov.

In turn, Simon Povidlo reported that after the repair markings on the bridge Paton was, but “got off for a couple of weeks.”

“The Union in Kiev markup did some mixture millimeters thick with five, and a night light. And now, perhaps, with chalk diluted in water,” – wrote Vasily Bondarenko.

Journalist Irina Kasyanov announced that the media already wrote about this issue. “And things are there. Markup, as there was not” – said Kasyanov.

Киевляне шокированы снимком, сделанным экс-депутатом
Киевляне шокированы снимком, сделанным экс-депутатом

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