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The oldest cat of the Ukraine conquered by Network users

Самый старый кот Украины покорил пользователей СетиThe oldest cat in Ukraine – Richard dio von Stolberg.

They say that each year of life cat or cats – that’s about six or seven years “human”. If you follow these calculations, it turns out that cat with an outstanding name Richard dio von Stolberg, by the standards of people, about a hundred years. This cat is a rare breed “Neva masquerade”, and even from the famous cat’s family is a contender for the title of the oldest cat in Ukraine. Now he is 24 years old.

Cat-survivor with a famous name and pedigree of Richard, or as it is affectionately called the owners of Ricic, his entire adult life living in a family in Kiev. “He had to live in our family. We are in a very strong bond. I think this is the main reason why the cat lives so long. Differently can not explain it in any way. Ricik in our four-room apartment living all my twenty-four years. He never went outside, never walked around the yard, never had no contact with other animals. We and our apartment is the whole world! Not every animal can live, and be happy,” – says the owner of the cat, Anna.

Richard has a passport confirming the date of his birth. There are also documents proving his pedigree. A kitten bought at one of the capital’s clubs have been breeding award winning cats.

“The name we came up with ourselves. And dio von Stolberg is the surname. If I’m not mistaken, the part of the name is the same and the name of the parent. His mother’s name is dio. Grandmother Pulcheria, grandparents Basilio. Richard’s mother – winner of many competitions. His grandmother – superparadise immigrant from Germany. The name “von Stolberg” belongs to his family. But the fact that the cat we took in a family for yourself! Just to ensure that we had a pet. We watched his pedigree. We just took the cat and loved it,” recalls Anna.

Самый старый кот Украины покорил пользователей Сети
Самый старый кот Украины покорил пользователей Сети

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