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In Turkey for tourists will discover the world’s oldest temple

Gobeklitepe – the oldest settlement in the history of mankind.Turkey opens the world’s oldest temple Gobeklitepe. Gobeklitepe is the oldest temple and settlement in the history of mankind. It is expected that the 18th treasure of Turkey in the world heritage list of UNESCO will contribute to regional tourism. The …

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Archaeologists have found the oldest pregnancy test

Test could determine whether a woman is pregnant and the sex of the baby. Egyptologists from the University of Copenhagen managed to translate the papyrus, which is three and a half thousand years. In it was a pregnancy test and sex of the child. Inscriptions have been found earlier in …

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Uncover the secret of formation of the oldest rocks

On the young Earth could cause such high temperatures without assistance. The oldest rocks ever found on Earth probably formed when the asteroid bombardment, said Australian scientists. Many “accidents” happened more than four billion years ago. About three decades ago, scientists discovered near the river Acosta in Canada fallichesky ancient …

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Found one of the oldest pottery workshops

Found devices have expanded the knowledge of archaeologists about the possibilities of ancient people.Archaeologists made a sensational discovery in the southern Egyptian province of Aswan. A group of scientists managed to find one of the most ancient in the history of mankind as pottery workshops. It was built during the …

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Scientists have found the oldest known organism

The age of discovery established empirically, using the rhenium-osmium analysis. Canadian researchers from McGill University found that the oldest discovered organisms with a nucleus in the cell of more than 1 billion years. Age was found algae Bangiomorpha pubescens species has been established empirically, using the rhenium-osmium analysis. It is …

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The Italian became the oldest person in Europe

115-year-old Italian Giuseppina, Projeto after the death of 116-year-old Spaniard Led Anna Rubio became the oldest man in Europe. Ana was born in Andalusia during the Regency of Queen Maria Cristina, great-grandmother of the present king of Spain, has experienced two dictatorships, two world wars and the civil war in …

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