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The new part of the “Children of corn” will be released next year

About the next part of the series “children of the corn”began to direct an adaptation of the eponymous story by Stephen king and gradually moved on the field cheap third-rate horror movies, we last heard in April 2016, when examined a selection of photos from the set. Where is all this time was of the filmmakers and why are they still silent?

The original idea, the painting “children of the corn: the Escape” (“Children of the Corn: Runaway”) was supposed to come out in 2017, but then began to have serious disputes over the ownership of the copyright, when producer and Director Donald P. Borchers tried to win the rights to the franchise through the courts. Furthermore, certainly manifested itself in the recent scandal that shattered the reputation and financial position of The Weinstein Company involved in the film. Anyway, the journalists decided to find out whether we even have to wait for the new “Children of the corn”? With this question they turned to the actress Marcy Millerinvolved in the tape. The actress declined to comment, but from her page on the social network Instagram investigators concluded that the film is under post-production, and therefore it is not expected before 2018.

Children of the Corn #ComingSoon

Publication of Marci Miller (@_marcimiller_) Oct 20 2017 at 1:24 am PDT

So, if you are so much missed the stories about crafty kids and their creepy cult, then you always have the previous eight parts and the TV remake.

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