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The Network showed looked like the oldest predator on Earth. Video

Scientists have discovered the remains of the ancient predator.

Most people believe that the first formidable fighters of all life on our planet was carnivorous dinosaurs. And worse than being hard to imagine. But it is not. Proof is the study of archaeologists from Yale University and the Royal Ontario Museum.

So scientists have discovered the remains of the ancient predator that has ever lived on Earth. The fossilized prints found in Canada in the province of British Columbia. Later, the researchers recreated the appearance of the creature. A video that proves its existence, has already appeared on YouTube.

According to the researchers, despite their creepy appearance, this creature is quite small in size. Externally, the mysterious animal resembles a worm with spikes – small spikes that caught the victim and held on, while he tried to crack.

On the animal’s head is a crown of bristles 50, played the role of jaws. With their help, the predator captured and restrained prey.

And it lived on the ocean floor about 500 million years ago. Scientists have come up with predator intricate name – Capinatator praetermissus.

C. praetermissus, apparently, is the ancestor of the marine worms Chaetognatha, many of which live in the oceans. Prehistoric representative of the worms differs from the modern larger body and a much larger and more numerous spines, but she’s missing the characteristic of the descendants of the teeth.

Scientists believe that this creature is likely preyed on plankton and larvae of shrimp, intimidating them with his mouth.

It should be noted that Capinatator praetermissus was a length of only 10 centimeters, so for large animals it did not represent much of a threat.

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