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The Luhansk region is threatened by the collapse of energy

Луганщине грозит энергетический коллапсFinancial position, cannot guarantee reliable power supply in the Luhansk region.

Lugansk energy Association, part of the holding power standard businessman Konstantin Grigorishin said that this winter in the Luhansk region can advance energy collapse. The company announced on his page in Facebook.

“Today, Lugansk energy Association failed to provide adequate training for the winter – due to lack of funds throughout 2017, because of the three-day, which does not allow the necessary amount of work, due to the massive layoffs of qualified professionals,” – said in the message.

LAO also sent a letter to the head of Lugansk VGA Yuri Garbuz, which indicates that due to the problem of non-payment for electricity, including supply in the temporarily uncontrolled territory and seizure of Bank accounts of the company, the plan of capital repair of equipment of electrical networks made on 43%.

In addition, almost fully implemented the plan on replacement of supports for overhead transmission lines and significantly behind schedule replacement of wires and insulators.

At the same time, the state energy supervision directed the LAO to resolve identified about 800 violations in the power grid.

“LAO does not have a penny of funds – no pay, no preparation of electrical networks for the autumn-winter period, no repairs … And sanctions NKREKU, and arrest of accounts are the result of debt, which hit LAO because of the billions of dollars of debt consumers, including because of the huge debts of the enterprises of housing and communal sphere”,- said the press Secretary of the company Evgeniy Nasedkin.

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