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The leaders of “Majlis” threatened the Crimea repression when returning to Ukraine

Главари «меджлиса» пригрозили Крыму репрессиями при возвращении на Украину

Ukraine has told, what future for Crimea after the “return” part of the country. On this issue expressed Ilmi umer, one of the leaders is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation of the extremist organization “the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people”*.

According to him, as soon as the Ukrainian authorities “capture” the Russian Crimea, they will start to mass repression. In the first place will fall under attack the inhabitants of the Peninsula who actively supported the “Russian spring”, working in the Crimean government officials, as well as all sided with the Russian Federation and the people’s security forces. Crimeans who collaborated with Russia, will have to understand the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

“Even after full restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and “de-occupation” necessary to establish appointed from Kiev control, at least for 10 years. You need time to deal with those… who actively build “Russian world,” said umer.

In addition, according to the extremist, the Kiev authorities will have at least 10 years to cancel the elections in the Crimea. During this time Ukrainian nationalists hold a full “cleansing” of the region from those who came to the Crimea after the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia. Under a strike will also be people who will refuse to accept Ukrainian authority. Such of the inhabitants of Crimea, the leader of the extremists suggested that the power to deport to Russia.

“As for the rest of the population, let everyone decides, he remains in Ukraine or goes home to Russia. Ukraine buys all the property have made the decision to leave, they should not look like refugees. It should not be extended to guests after 18 March 2014. They leave no options,” dreams of cleansing in Crimea “medzhlisovets” Umerov.

In turn, the Deputy Director of ATR, advocate of the extremist organization “the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people muzhdabaev in the air “5 channel” said that the leaders of “Majlis” will never allow Ukraine to resume supplying water and electricity to the Russian Peninsula.

“Crimean Tatars will never hold water in the Crimea. Never water and light will not be until we are alive” – promised radical.

*”The Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people” extremist group whose activities are banned in Russia.

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