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The latest issue of “World of fiction” dedicated to the horrors of

Today the sale was to do the may issue of the magazine “World of fiction”, one of the last representatives of an endangered species paper quarterly. Yes, not so long ago fans of science fiction and related areas bought “Noon, XXI century” and “If”that were published decent numbers, but now the situation has changed. Crisis, pirates, and the migration of readers to the Network and other factors are slowly becoming obsolete paper periodicals, though some publications are still holding on and even feel relatively well.

The cover of the latest issue of “World of fiction” duplicates the poster cosmowarrior Ridley Scott’s “Alien: the Covenant.” And this is no accident: the may issue is devoted to the horrors. Not entirely, of course, but the horror found a place – and a lot. For example, “Alien” and became one of the Central themes of the room you can find the history of the franchise, the traces of the xenomorph in film and games, as well as interviews with Ridley Scott. In addition, the person of the issue was Howard Phillips Lovecraft:

Lovecraft was little known during his lifetime, but has gained huge popularity after his death. He created his own mythology and a separate sub-genre, which got its name, “Lavrovsky horror”. It affected almost all horror writers who were doing afterwards. Tell what lived the father of Cthulhu.

This number MF is notable for the fact that it had tentacles at least two of the inhabitants of the “Zone Horror”. Editor-in-chief Parfenov M. S. noted the article-conversation with a provocative (if to judge by the reaction to the announcement of individual comrades) with the title “Witnesses of the Russian Horror. As I lured the fiction in a cult”. In this article Michael along with writers Mike by Helprin, Alexander by Matiukhin and Daria Bobyleva trying to understand why increasingly sci-Fi authors turn to the dark path of horror. Well, in the section “Videodrom” is lit up Alexander Podolsky (that is I) a review for the mystery Thriller “the devil inside” (The Autopsy of Jane Doe) and “Nightmares come true. Horror movies have become reality”. I must say that the last material was originally written as a screenplay for the theme of the video and was a Top 10 horror films, in varying degrees, reflected in reality. A little later, probably, it will appear here in video or text form. To good not to waste.

The full contents and all the details can be seen here. To order the magazine here.

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