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The Kremlin has lost the battle for people’s love

Кремль проиграл битву за народную любовь

Yesterday I bought an inexpensive mechanical watch, and I think now they measure the time of our new political regime: I wonder what breaks before.

Sad that the birthplace for the second time in its history and in the eyes of living witnesses the first attempts to enter the neo-Stalinism — a problem which is not negligible only in the value of human life and suffering, but in a good Scotch taped mouths when observers are outright meanness and wickedness only shrug: “well you understand, what a time to live”.

Yesterday I was at the time the polls closed have written a few points about what yesterday’s events mean for the immediate future. In short, battle for the love of the people by the Kremlin lost, and now obolewicz of the resource is left only with bayonets.


Late in the evening at the entrance to the garage hipster bar of Moscow, which opened a week ago, my friends and political scientists discussed what electoral authoritarianism comes cover, and now we have a rather political model of Belarus and Kazakhstan. The whole drama is, how dear Russians are ready to accept new rules of the game in silence.


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