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The Japanese accidentally invented “artificial bees”

Японцы случайно изобрели «искусственных пчел»Japanese scientists claim to have invented artificial pollinators by accident.

Scientists have developed a remote-controlled pollinator plants using a miniature drone equipped with a sticky gel, in case you die bees that pollinate the flowers.

Now, that sounds pretty apocalyptic, but, in fact, some types of bees are already under threat, and, in addition, the artificial pollinators can be used where the insects are, for whatever reason, just no. Such artificial bees in the future may become an important part of the production of agricultural products, the researchers from the Japanese National Institute of advanced industrial science and technology.

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A month ago, scientists from Poland reported on the establishment of a bee-cyborg, and although both projects are similar, Japanese scientists claim to have invented the artificial pollinators, largely by accident.

Ten years ago, chemist, Eijiro Miyako conducted research on ionic liquids – salts in liquid state – in search of the solvent, which had an electric current. Then he turned the sticky gel that was not good for conductivity. Removing the Cabinet failed experiment, Miyako forgot about it until recently came across a bottle of this gel. As it turned out, viscous liquid has not lost its properties, does not evaporate and does not dry out. Because the gel adheres well to dust, the idea that he is perfect for collecting pollen.

To test the gel, the researchers slathered them some ants and put them in a box with tulips, making sure that the pollen really sticks to the gel. After that, the scientists were glued to the miniature drone is a small fur, striped, treated with gel, thus obtaining an artificial pollinator plants.

Of course, drones need to be operated manually, which effectively nullifies their effectiveness, but scientists believe that in the future will be very real automatic management of large numbers of these drones with artificial intelligence that will allow drones if necessary, replace the bees, which pollinate plants.

Японцы случайно изобрели «искусственных пчел»

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