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The inhabitant of Odessa told how prejudice in the city Ukrainian language

Жительница Одессы рассказала, как ущемляют в городе украинский языкUkrainian man in Odessa uncomfortable.

In Odessa deliberately cultivated Russian-language information field and there is a problem with the infringement of the Ukrainian language.

This opinion was expressed by the blogger from Odessa Elena Dobrovolskaya. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“In the information field it’s complicated, because most (local) channels belong to the enemies of Ukraine. It’s sad. Almost all publications are Russian-speaking and with a few exception,” she said. According to the blogger, the Ukrainian language in such a situation, certainly there is a loser, since “the percentage is very uneven”.

Dobrovolskaya said that a Ukrainian man in Odessa uncomfortable.

“We have been clever people who stood at the Odessa Maidan… they were protesting against “infringement” of the Russian language. I feel the denial of the Ukrainian language. If you start to speak Ukrainian in some institution or in the store, you never know how you will react. You don’t know will do you fine, or pretend that he did not understand, whether in Russian or show aggression,” she added.

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