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The “human fish” was caught at record depth

«Человеческую рыбу» засняли на рекордной глубинеExperts believe that the Proteas can live on even more depth.

An international team of scientists and enthusiasts found in a limestone cave, one of the Croat lakes, the European Proteus (Proteus anguinus), living at a record depth of 113 meters. Because pinkish-pale color of the skin of the animal is also called “human fish”, but because of the small baby dragon. Pictures of Proteus showed edition of New Scientist.

Experts believe that the Proteas can live on even more depth as she is able to withstand high pressure. For monitoring of Proteus anguinus scientists have found in their habitats of the infrared camera.

Animals can lay eggs no more than twice per decade, and to live up to 100 years. Proteus, which is extremely difficult to maintain in captivity, because of illegal fishing are considered vulnerable species.

Previously, the same team of scientists showed a video of everyday life of the European Proteus. In the presented video demonstrates the development of amphibians placed in the aquarium. The light 22 animals were four months ago (counting from the date of publication of the video).

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