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The harmful effects of dependence on smartphones

Самые вредные последствия зависимости от смартфоновU.S. scientists told about the negative consequences of attachment to smartphones

According to the statements of American scientists from Binghamton University in new York, over the people’s attachment to smartphones is hurting their personal life, career, and disturbs the psyche. It is noted that not to leave the device more prone women.

A supervisor Isaac Vaghefi said that in modern society, phones have gained the status of “sources of quick pleasure.” They can activate neurons and release of dopamine, causing the person to experience positive emotions. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the experiment on the effects of smartphones on human life was attended by 182 students, divided into 5 groups. 7% of subjects were “much attached” to gadgets, while another 12% are slightly less addictive. However, the first and second there are great problems in his personal life, at work and in fellowship with friends. It is noted that these people were diagnosed with symptoms of depression, anxiety and low self esteem.

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