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The global conspiracy and the reptilians on the poster of “Iron sky 2”

What could not refuse “Iron sky” in 2015 is in style. Music, visuals — everything was done not that perfect, but very carefully. And at this scale but with the accompanied — so all cool. In the end, a film about shinelong of the Nazis is remembered not only as a catchy thrash, but just as cute and stylish movie. And in many ways this impression is formed at the stage of post production. Painfully was a good promo materials. And with the sequel, in fact, the same story.

“Iron sky: the Coming race” — he is still unfinished, but it is clear that the creators wanted the budget to implement their more ambitious plans. The money they eventually gathered (including through crowdfunding) and now prepare your movie to a meeting with the audience, tossing from time to time something for starters.

Great video, we talked, I remember, three weeks ago, good then, exactly on may 9, left a great teaser trailer of the painting with Hitler on t-Rex and other nishtyak.

Well, now we view pictures.

If anything, all posters “Iron sky: the Coming race” you can watch in our media area, which is constantly updated. Here we lay out those posters and banners that had not appeared before in the Area of Horror.

But first, here’s canadian presenter, comedian and actor Tom green in the image of the head of the Evangelical Church. In my opinion, looks good.

It only gets steeper and more delusional.

If Hitler-the reptilians you have time to get used to, as you the presence in the history of Stalin and Kim Jong UN? And Putin on the courts? He’s in one of the promo? Well, the classic — another reinterpretation of the “last supper” of Leonardo da Vinci.

Recall synopsis:

Twenty years after the events of “Iron sky”, based once the Nazi moon base becomes the last hope of humanity. Earth devastated by nuclear war, but deep beneath this desert lies the force that can rescue the survivors or destroy them once and for all. The truth about the creation of the human race will be revealed, an old enemy will lead the characters to the adventure inside the hollow Earth. For the salvation of men they had to fight Brilli, an ancient race of reptiles and their army of dinosaurs.

So, the fruits of these woven-twisted world conspiracies, viewers will finally see early next year — February 14.

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