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US government debt biggest threat to global economy – Russian NGO

US government debt and Washington’s budget deficit present the biggest threats to the global economy this year, Russian government agency Roscongress has warned. Washington’s $34 trillion burden is mathematically impossible to pay off, Roscongress has claimed in a report it published on Wednesday. The agency based its estimate on the …

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Germany’s leadership a global ‘laughing stock’ – Putin

Germany is being bossed around by its Western partners because it lacks sovereignty, and its policymakers demonstrate poor leadership skills, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a Wednesday meeting with young Russian scientists. Putin weighed on the EU’s push to wean itself off Russian energy following the start of the …

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Global South won’t back Kiev as West demands – WSJ

Western officials have overestimated the willingness of neutral nations to join anti-Russia policies in support of Ukraine, according to The Wall Street Journal. “It’s clear that the West overall has been surprised by the pretty widespread reluctance by many of the countries in the so-called Global South… to come on …

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How EU halt of Ukrainian grain imports could impact global food supply

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IMF issues warning on global economic stability

The world economy is headed for a difficult year, as the fallout from the recent banking crises and the formation of rival economic blocs triggered by the Ukraine conflict threaten to undermine global economic stability, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, said at the China Development …

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Putin warns NATO against ‘global catastrophe’

Putting NATO troops into direct contact with the Russian army would be a foolish step that could lead to “global catastrophe,” Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Friday, following the Central Asia-Russia summit in Astana, Kazakhstan. Asked whether NATO might send troops into Ukraine if the country was close to …

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