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The future of the Earth through the eyes of futurists. Photo

Будущее Земли глазами футурологов. ФотоWhat will change in the near future.

Futurism, or more precisely, futurology, is the study of possible hypotheses, probable and preferred options for the future. To understand what futurists predict in the improvement of the human condition, consider the progress happening in the field of science, medicine and computing.

1. Cure Alzheimer’s disease

Будущее Земли глазами футурологов. Фото

Alzheimer’s disease is type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking abilities and behavior. It is a progressive disease, which means that the disease gets worse over time. Only in the US estimated to suffer her 5.4 million people. Today for Alzheimer’s disease there is no cure, but one group of scientists believes that it will be able to figure out a way to deal with it.

A group of scientists from Australia’s University of New South Wales conducted a study of a protein in the brain called Tau-protein. In its healthy state, the Tau protein acts as a stabilizer of microtubules, which help transport substances around the cell. It is believed that sometimes the Tau protein can encounter certain problems and begin to stick together in clumps. When this happens, it is possible that it begins to produce certain chemicals that accumulate and cause Alzheimer’s disease. If this is so, it remains only to find a way to prevent caking of the Tau protein.

2. Assisting the disabled with the help of exoskeletons

Будущее Земли глазами футурологов. Фото

Start-up WeaRobot hopes to help seniors and people with disabilities by creating a modular exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is essentially a device that is worn on the whole body or its parts and helps to facilitate the movement of joints, strengthening them with the help of a mechanical module.

System that develops WeaRobot be less than current exoskeletons, and more flexible than them. It has a special control system, which uses electrodes attached to the skin to read electrical signals from muscles and joints. The modular nature of the exoskeleton must also make it more accessible.

3. The creation of synthetic organs

Будущее Земли глазами футурологов. Фото

On average, each year while waiting for an organ transplant die 22. Wouldn’t it be great if there was synthetic organs that could be easily created. Two teams of Dutch researchers from the University of Twente and Utrecht University have successfully created a “living shell”, which is a step on the path to a functional artificial kidney.

Such synthetic buds can make unnecessary dialysis or transplant for patients suffering from kidney failure. Despite the fact that it is an artificial kidney, it is based on biological materials, such as epithelial cells.

4. The age of personalized medicine

Будущее Земли глазами футурологов. Фото

By 2030 it will be possible to tailor medicine to each person, instead of the use of the “one pill fits all”, which in fact is used currently. At least, so says Melanie Walker, co-chair of the Board of the world economic forum. She also believes that shortly people instead to be treated in the hospital will be able to stay at home. Thanks to improved control over health status, doctor visits will become increasingly rare.

Companies like Apple is slowly bringing humanity to this point. For example, mobile Health app can track data about a person into four categories: activity, mental skills, nutrition and sleep.

Advances in genetics, biology (e.g., synthetic organs), and even nanotechnology can help it. Microrobots, which can be swallowed, will be able to diagnose a person’s “inside.” At the same time, brain implants will be able to scan the symptoms in the brain and transfer them to the phone.

5. Gene editing using CRISPR
People interested in science, probably, have heard about CRISPR / CAS9. It is a revolutionary method of gene editing that may forever change humanity.

Genetic construction of the human being, of course, is a controversial issue. On the one hand, it will make it possible to treat any disease. But some people worry that this may lead to a preliminary design babies or even the return of eugenics. However, the testing of CRISPR has already been conducted by Chinese scientists.

6. Cure diabetes type 1

Будущее Земли глазами футурологов. Фото

Recently a patent was issued for a possible treatment of type 1 diabetes. For example, in the United States, about 1.25 million adults Americans suffer from this type of diabetes in which the pancreas ceases to produce insulin.

A team of scientists from the University of Sydney in Australia has published an article in which claims that could cure diabetes of the 1st type mice. Scientists have recently teamed up with Biotech company пPharmaCyte to create a product called Cell-in-a-box, which contains the cells “melligen” who is able to produce, store and release insulin in response to sugar levels in blood.

7. Growing food on vertical farms

Будущее Земли глазами футурологов. Фото

The improvement of the conditions of human life are not only in medicine. In order to improve the condition of agriculture, a company called AeroFarms is building what will be the world’s largest vertical farm, which will produce nearly a million kilograms of leafy vegetables every year.

A vertical farm is a farm built in the form of a skyscraper. This is considered a more space-efficient. Using Aeroponics crops can grow in piles of boxes without soil, water or even sunlight.

This new type of “green” agriculture allows farmers to grow crops in less space and minimized damage to the environment.

8. The increase in human intelligence

Будущее Земли глазами футурологов. Фото

Many liked the film “fields of darkness”. It turns out that in the real world there is a similar drug that could increase intelligence. People are already using drugs such as ritalin to improve concentration. But it is very addictive and can even backfire.

However, medication is not the only way to increase intelligence. Researchers have devised a way to do it with the help of brain stimulation.

Researchers at HRL Laboratories have found that if you use transcranial stimulation of the DC, they can redirect the brain activity of commercial and military pilots in the brain novice pilots. After this, subjects started faster to learn to fly on flight simulator. The technology is far from entering the market, but it sounds promising.

9. The fourth industrial revolution

Будущее Земли глазами футурологов. Фото

Progress in robotics, artificial intelligence, and other forms of automation can bring to a new form of industrial revolution, the so-called “4.0”. Today is already slowly starting to show glimpses of the future, because the technology of “smart home” is becoming more popular.

The phrase “Industry 4.0” was originally coined to describe ways in which Germany is increasing its competitiveness in manufacturing through the integration of “cyber physical systems” in factories.

The technology will serve the user, not Vice versa. We have only to imagine: specially adapted smart clothes, shampoo and soap, which takes into account the bacterial ecosystem of the human skin, or the refrigerator that automatically orders food when a man in a hurry home. This is only the beginning.

10. Power over death and eternal life

Будущее Земли глазами футурологов. Фото

Zoltan Istvan, Transhumanist who represented the party in the last elections in the USA, believes that one day humans will merge with machines and will defeat death.

Brain implants, exoskeletons, and even pacemakers are the initial stage of this dream. In an interview with Popular Science Istvan said: “after 25 – 35 years people will be able to download your consciousness into a machine. This is one way to transhumanists to find immortality. After all, we can keep our minds, our memories, our sense of identity.”

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