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The first “Very strange things” in the format of video games of the 80s

Ready for a new season of “strange Affairs” from Netflix? Watched the coolest trailer? Check out the gorgeous posters of the second season (with references to Freddie king and Others, and also with the characters on the show)? It’s time to refresh your memory the beginning of the story the guys from Hawkins!

This will help us himself Netflix, on YouTube channel which appeared entertaining a brief retelling of the first season, stylized as a retro toy. Remember what this story told us:

The action series is set in the 80-ies in the quiet provincial town. Favorable course of life violate the mysterious disappearance of a teenage boy named will. To find out the circumstances of the case, determined the boy’s family and the local Sheriff. Events affect the best friend of will’s shirt. He begins his own investigation. Now Mike is sure that close, but he will be in the midst of a fierce battle supernatural forces.

+1000 points eleven for soaring in the air the van! And karma to the creators for such an interesting is their offspring. The premiere of the second “strange matters” will be held on 27 October 2017.

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