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The first photos of the smartwatch ZTE Quartz

Появились первые фото умных часов ZTE QuartzSmart watch ZTE Quartz lit up in the photo.

The Internet has already posted a number of photos, which displayed the latest smart watch of the type ZTE Quartz.

According to an anonymous source, they are already preparing for the appearance on the market.

Experts believe that the new ZTE Quartz is the first version of the smart watch, which as their base will get platform Android Wear.. In this modification that the ZW10 get a metal body.

Bezel the new watch has the notches and a small button on the side. You already know they will not be equipped with heart rate monitor and will not support NFC. LTE is a new type of watch ZTE Quartz will support 3G.

Smart watch will be controlled, most likely by “OSes” Android Wear 2.0. And recharged, the new ZTE Quartz will be using a special plastic dock.

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