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The February changes: “Muse”, “Ouija: the Curse of Veronica,” “the Killing of a sacred deer” and “monster’s Lair”

If you are planning this winter to watch on the big screen any genre film, be careful – just four of the release, changed the date of the Russian Prime Minister.

So, mystical horror Jaume Balaguero “Muse” (Muse) will be released on 2 and 22 February 2018. The film, which starred Christopher Lloyd and Frank Potente, caught our attention for a long time, and a week ago it turned out that in Russian will be published and the novel-the source.

Literature Professor Samuel Salomon a year ago, left work after the tragic death of a friend. He suffers from a recurring nightmare in which he sees a woman, brutally kill at a strange ritual. Suddenly the same woman who appears every night in his dreams, is found dead under the same circumstances. Samuel sneaks into the crime scene and there meets Rachel, which also had it’s murder. Trying to do everything possible to unravel the identity of a mysterious woman they get in a scary world, run by figures, inspiring artists for centuries — Muse.

The movie “Ouija: the Curse of Veronica” (Verónica), which was directed by buddy Balaguero Paco Plaza (both these guys have created a home of the Spanish horror hit of the 21st century, “Report”), in contrast, was to leave the 22nd and will be released on 2 February 2018. Distributor in both cases is a company cinema Prestige, so we are talking about castling releases.

Ouija – the Ouija Board call the souls of the dead. It is called the Board of the Devil, because communication with the world beyond the grave does not come to a living person without consequences. The one who picks up the Ouija should know that she has a terrible power to open the gates of a monstrous evil, to resist which is almost impossible. Veronica, beautiful and fun high school girl even could not imagine what it will end what she thought was an innocent game. Playing with Ouija let the girl’s life is not only the Ghost of a dead father, but Death itself. This chilling film is inspired by real events that happened a few years ago in Madrid. Then several people witnessed the paranormal phenomena that has even been officially recorded by the police.

Intriguing Thriller , George Lanthimos “Killing a sacred deer” (The Killing of a Sacred Deer) promised to release on February 25, but in the end the Prime Minister already moved to February 15, 2018, exactly between “Muse” and “Veronica”.

A talented heart surgeon Steven lives a happy life with his wife Anna and two beautiful children. This family idyll is threatened by a Ghost from the past that Stephen no longer afford to hide.

Finally, “the lair of the beast” (Bad Samaritan) from the Director of “Geostorm” Dean Devlin to national cinemas get as many as 10 may (earlier the Prime Minister announced on 22 February).

If you are going to Rob a house, a couple of thieves unexpectedly stumbles out there on the woman being held prisoner in this house.

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