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Is nothing sacred to these people

The more people and the victims – the better for them. Specially choose the dates and the places where the most people. Nobody otherwise they will not hear and will not notice. When is the rally in a time of great celebration – once it is clear that the aim …

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Character posters of “Killing sacred deer”

With every new video, every new picture film by Greek Director Giorgos Lanthimos “Killing a sacred deer” (The Killing of a Sacred Deer) increasingly envelops the viewer in an unhealthy atmosphere. Hospital walls, white color, children with problems, strange talk – is injected slowly the creators. The plot is drawn …

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Another poster “Killing a sacred deer”

Who about what, and we are all about the deer. Very difficult not to pay attention to a new project Giorgos Lanthimos, Creator of such films as “Fang” and “Lobster”. It is interesting because what he’s doing at this time. As usual, with the participation of their permanent co-author of …

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“Killing a sacred deer” in Russian (TRAILER)

Today, we straight day of Russian trailers, which come in flocks. And that’s good, because not all understand foreign dialects. Yes, there are films where the translation is almost not required, but there is a very “conversational” movies, where without knowing the language anywhere. For example, “Killing a sacred deer” …

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Heart poster from “Killing sacred deer”

Stephen is a successful heart surgeon. He lived and grieved along with his beautiful wife, very similar to Nicole Kidman, and two cute kids. And then Steven decided to integrate into the family of a teenage boy named Martin, who lost his father (kind of like on the operating table, …

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They all die in the second trailer for “Killing a sacred deer”

Psychological horror-Thriller , George Lanthimos “Killing a sacred deer” (The Killing of a Sacred Deer) until it looks like something from the category of “must Watch”, but nevertheless intriguing. The first trailer for the picture has been penetrated by some strange, if not morbid mood. Plot the plot is nothing …

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