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The expert shared tips on driving in fog

Эксперт поделился советами по вождению во время тумана These simple rules will help avoid accidents.

The fog for the driver is one of the factors that increase the risk of accidents for drivers.

We picked up some recommendations which are recommended when riding in poor visibility conditions:

Enable fog lights with low beams. Due to this the drivers of oncoming cars will notice your car much earlier. There is a misconception that the “fog” should be used in almost any bad weather conditions or only with high beam.

During thick fog to move at a speed recommended on this stretch of road is dangerous. Choose a speed that you could very quickly grind to a halt, as the front can be, for example, a traffic jam or an accident.

Optimally in this case would be to go for a car at this distance where he was out of sight.

And of course, in any case not to exceed the speed limit of the road.

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