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The expert explained what the new traffic police unprofitable different from GAI

Эксперт объяснил, чем новая дорожная полиция невыгодно отличается от  ГАИReform destroyed the old achievements.

The President of the Association of road safety Michael Berlin said that one of the main reasons for the increase in the number of accidents was the abolition of the traffic police.

According to experts, before a policeman arrived at the scene of the accident and filled out a registration card, making it possible to analyse the causes of the accident and then take some action, but now the card was cancelled.

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“Each accident consistent with the card. It had to bring, to give by hand, and then the information from the card is entered into the information system. And then the information system analyzed the number, the severity. That is engaged in statistics seriously. Today there is this work”, – said Berlin.

He drew attention to the fact that it is still not functioning traffic police, ordinary police officers don’t always have time to deal with violators of traffic rules.

“Reform started doing 3 years ago, and destroyed what was. Just needed it to make things better, to clean, to get in. But it was all good. Was the law everything was spelled out clearly stipulated in the law. Took it, destroyed it, made new, and it actually not working today,” said Berlin, adding that the new police today are the same problems that was with the old militia, in particular, bribery.

He also says that the Executive power at this stage sees no problems with safety on the roads.

“At the level of legislators see it today, and the President and Prime until you see it. It’s bad. The Executive does not see this problem, unfortunately. But begins to understand that there is a problem”, – concluded Berlin.

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