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The expert described the tools and items that you need to keep in the car

Эксперт назвал инструменты и предметы, которые нужно иметь в авто The constant presence of these items on hand in the road will make life easier.

There are things that need to be in the car is mandatory. The presence of such a device, tools and accessories, you definitely should not be neglected if there is no desire to be in an unpleasant situation on the road. It’s time to double-check your trunk and make sure everything is there.

First aid kit

First aid kit should not just be in the car, it should be regularly checked and replenished by a motorist. It is very important to monitor its content, because some medicines are constantly consumed, while others have just not the greatest shelf life, after which they become useless (or even dangerous).

Spare wheel

Spare wheel included in the basic package of any car. Most often, it is not intended for long drive, but only for short trips to the nearest tire store. If the spare tire had to borrow, you may need to replace it.

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Jack and a set of keys

It is impossible to carry out replacement of the wheel without the right Jack. This item should enter into standard equipment of any car. If you’re not, then you should buy a floor Jack soon mandatory. It is best to take the “grandfather” of the machine tool. In addition, the car must be a set of matching keys. The more the variety of instrument, all the better.

Cable battery charging

Another very important tool, without which it is impossible to do in the car. Must be car driver who often goes on his “swallow” in long trips. The thing is, this takes up very little space and is not too expensive, so you should care about her presence in the trunk.

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The pump and pressure sensor

With my wheels not going anywhere. It is for this reason that the car should be the pump and pressure sensor. It is best to adopt automatic pump. Sensors check the tyre pressure as not to be redundant.

Tow rope

A compulsory subject in the trunk in case with a car things get really bad. It is important to find a tow rope under the characteristics of your car. It is best to take stock.

Reflective triangle emergency kit

Finally, in the trunk of the car needs to be warning signs which will allow you to fence on the road area, warning other drivers that the car ahead is with him something happened.

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