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The Dungeons offer to get 2 for free

Игру Dungeons 2 предлагают получить бесплатноDungeons 2 is a adventure real-time strategy.

Studio Realmforge and publisher Kalypso Media are offered to the publishing of the cult adventure game Dungeons 2 for free. Anyone can add to their library of games in Steam edition Dungeons 2 for free and forever.

Dungeons 2 is a adventure real-time strategy. The project combines elements of cult games Warcraft and Dungeon Keeper. Insatiable the Dungeon Lord is back and is going to capture and enslave the world people. Players will have to act in the role of the architect and the commander. You must collect monsters from all corners of the underworld, to build a huge spider web of the terrible dungeons and spread their influence to the destruction of the people. The game contains a large amount of black humor and many references to popular novels and films.

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The game was released on 24 April 2015 and collected more than 1,200 reviews from users on Steam, most of which are positive. Critics of the gaming industry also met the game with approval. Based on 24 reviews from leading gaming publications around the world, the game got 7 points out of 10.

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