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The designer spoke in Russian in the new promo of “Saw 8” (VIDEO)

October 26, 2017, that is TODAY the sinister genius of John Kramer returns to the screens in Russia. Or at least we could once again hear his voice – the voice of the Designer. The Voice Of A Saw.

Just in time for the premiere appeared localized version already we’ve seen the passage. In Russian it is called “Play the game”.

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In town find a few bodies, holders of which met definitely not the best end. All the evidence points to one man: John Kramer. But how is that possible? The man known as Saw, dead for more than ten years. Is it all the same there was one who dared to pick up the mantle of cruel maniac? Perhaps the answer to this question will not have to go far beyond the police station…

In the eighth part of the “Saw” starred Tobin bell, Attila, Sibcy, Brittany Allen, , Josie black, Callum Keith Rennie, Laura vandervoort, Michael regional Manager, Mandela van Peebles, Matt Passmor and Hannah Anderson. Directors are fellow Australians Michael and Peter Spirig.

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