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The correct proportion. For territorial control of one occupant per 100 persons of the local civilian population

Правильная пропорция. Для контроля территории нужен один оккупант на 100 человек местного мирного населения

To read the old Newspapers extremely helpful. There you can find a lot of things about now for some reason not talking. For example, in mid-February 1906, the state of the detective police of Moscow was only 12 people, so it was decided to increase it by 20 people. More interesting information can be found in the newspaper “Petersburg leaf” from April 26, 1907. In one of the articles given official data about the number of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Empire: “According to official data of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the membership of the police for the current year is presented in the following figures: the highest ranks – 1308 persons, bailiffs, and police officers – 3968 persons okolonauchnyh guards – 2272 and policemen 24627, 32115 and all persons appointed above the number of police posts are not included, the cash part of the ranks of the detective police, the gendarmerie, the number of way extends to 1025 officers and 13,000 enlisted men, and port, which is administered by the Ministry of marine and guard the Palace by the police.

Total in the midst of a “revolution” of 1905-1907, the total number of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Empire was 46140 people. And that was enough to ensure peace and order in much more of its territory than the current RF.

For reference, the average number of population of the Russian Empire was at that time 181,5 million people against the current while 146,7. As is well known from school lessons of history, the tsarist regime was “bloody” and “anti-people”, Russia at the time was “prison of Nations”, so the authorities was required to contain the huge repressive apparatus to all these people to suppress with an iron hand. As a result, more than 3,000 subjects of the Empire had only one policeman or gendarme.

Now look at Putin’s Russia. The Ministry of internal Affairs has 746859 staff, all in all, counting civilians – 915 thousand. It should be added 430 thousand people of Regardie, and about 200 thousand employees of the FSB, including border troops. If they are not taken into account, the number of employees of the FSB estimated at 100-120 thousand people. In addition, there are emergency situations Ministry and the Federal penitentiary service, 300 thousand people, the Prosecutor’s office and the investigative Committee – more than 60 thousand, the DEA – 34 thousand, and other like FSO or FAPSI. Probably, they should also be taken into account in the overall balance of power, but for purity of experiment I will include and take into account only the employees of the Ministry will choose the smaller of the estimates of the FSB.

Thus, the peace of the citizens in the liberal KGB “superpower” protect 1 million 276 thousand modern police, gumshoes and cops. This is almost 28 times more, not counting other power structures than under the tsarist regime. Simply put, now – 1 police officer per 100 people. These figures, on the one hand, demonstrate how efficiently worked at the time, law enforcement agencies, to ensure the safety of people and had no computers, no surveillance or wiretapping or other technical and scientific stuff that I have now. On the other, it’s probably all there is to know about the “Kremlin” and how they relate to the population of the Russian Federation.

It is believed that control of the occupied territory invaders, you need one soldier per 100 people of the local civilian population. Taking into account the additional forces, not counting army, it is practically aged in the population of the present Russian Federation. For comparison, during the Second world war the total number of German occupation troops in France, including pilots and sailors, amounted to 100 thousand people of around 40 million people or 1 to 400.

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